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Empires and Allies Bot - Cheats

Empires and Allies Bot - Cheats

This bot will help you play Empires and Allies whenever your busy. Working Version 0.12beta.

Bot features:

1)Seed and harvest crops
2)Collect rent
3)Bot functional based on plugins, and if you want you can create your own plugin.

How to use Empires & Allies Bot

1. Download the bot here: Empires and Allies Bot or Mirror1
2. Extract & Install the bot
3. Open the Empires and Allies Bot
4.  Click start and wait for the facebook log-in page
5. Login and play Empires and Allies.The bot will now load its params and sync Empires and Allies Bot game for the first time (wait until BOT HAS FINISHED WORK)
6. At this point you can now access various settings and plugins configure it as you like (Its pretty easy try it!)
7. When your done go to the main tab then click START and play other game or sleep. The bot is now working, stop it by closing the window or by clicking Stop bot.
Empires and Allies
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