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Strange, Two Turtles Born attached

Two-tailed tortoise was born in unusual conditions, attached. Shells under two turtles were sticking to each other
Now, the owner, Todd Ray was dizzy, trying to decide the fate of two animals, separated or allowed to remain united.
Ray, who is believed to have a collection of the world’s largest two-headed animals admitted he got the turtle from a man from California. Men are worried because their pets more and more lethargic and unable to move.
“I got a call from a child who lived near Compton, the grandfather of the child have a turtle that looks weird,” said Todd Ray told the Huffington Post.
The turtle has two heads and bodies are packed. The kids wanted to save them. ”I told him, to dry them, and give the animal food, because, it is feared, two turtles will be clawing at each other with each other, unaware that they will not separate,” said Ray.
Despite the instructions given, the owner still did not feel sure what to do, he feared it would be dead pet.
“Two turtle did not move, is also still very small – about six weeks old. The first time I saw him, they did not move, I touched one of his legs, but the animal was pulled back,” he added.
Of the many collections of his two-headed animal, Ray admitted, for the first time he wanted to separate bodies of two turtles. In fact, “I really love animals, like the moment they are born. For a long time I resisted the idea of ​​separation of the animal’s body that was created together,” he said.
Unlike similar cases in humans, the process of separation is very rare animals. Even some animal expert who asked for a response, claimed to have never heard of such a surgical procedure.
However, Dr. Douglas Folland said the separation procedure is possible if two turtles are only attached on the skin.
The bottom line, as seen in the photograph, two turtles sharing Plastron or shell bottom. ”This will be a difficult separation procedure. Therefore, the animals need Plastron – something that can not possibly grow back,” he said. (Daily Mail) (er)
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